Company Information

Real Time Investments Inc. is a private real estate investment company headquartered in Southfield, Michigan.


RTI was founded in the wake of the 2007 to 2009 subprime lending crisis, after a surge in delinquent mortgages and bank foreclosures caused the average house price to drop by approximately 30 percent. The low prices and abundant supply of distressed houses provided an opportunity for contrarian investors ready to call the bottom of the market. From 2009 to 2011 RTI brokered sales of single-family rental homes to investors in a number of US states, taking advantage of the high yields available from rental income. In late 2011, as house prices began to appreciate, RTI started investing company earnings through single-family home acquisitions in Southeast Michigan, focusing on buy-to-hold and buy-to-sell rental properties. The Company continues to rehabilitate and develop housing for lease and sale to residents in healthy metropolitan neighbourhoods across Southeast Michigan.


Investment Approach

RTI makes direct investments in single and multi-family properties in inefficient residential markets, adding value through hands-on construction management and effective transaction execution. Our positioning in the mid-market, between personal investors and large institutional buyers, allows us to move with speed and decision in relatively niche markets. This agility is essential in a dynamic environment for housing that has seen huge change over the past 8 years. RTI’s operations in Southeast Michigan demonstrate the benefits of our targeted approach, with the region being one of the strongest performing housing markets in the US over the past two years. Going forward, RTI’s micro-market focus and experience in both the rental and homeowner segments means we are well-positioned to realize the exceptional growth potential in U.S. metropolitan real estate markets.


Management Team


Javier Valiente
Chief Executive

Javier ran a financial advisory firm in the late 90’s that he turned into a mortgage brokerage firm in 2002. At the same time, Javier moved into property development and investment throughout the UK. In 2009 he identified the investment opportunity in U.S. residential housing and  decided to concentrate exclusively on that market, taking advantage of distressed real estate opportunities.

Raj Pancholi
Chief Financial Officer

Raj has an accountancy background. He started his career at Accenture and KPMG. Raj then worked for his family Accountancy firm for 12 years, where he specialised in the financial processes involved in real estate acquisition and management, before co-founding RTI in 2009. Raj also ran a successful property company in the UK before looking abroad for new investment opportunities.

Antonio McBride
Operations Manager

Antonio has managed the acquisition and renovation of properties for RTI since 2012. He has worked full time for 11 years in the single-family home acquisition, rehabilitation and re-sale business and knows the Metro Detroit market intimately. His close relationships, built up since his childhood, give him the ‘inside track’ on distressed property acquisitions.